Jetzt Dauerkarte sichern


In cooperation with the Berlin start-up FANZONE, MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg are bringing back retro collectibles with a fun and innovative twist for all yellow and black fans: With their digital fan card collection, they are the first German basketball team to publish so-called blockchain based NFT’s. The buyers can collect and trade them online, as well as use them in online games – just like in real life! The limited collections of cards are available via or the platform’s own app in the AppStore or Google Play Store.


What exactly are the digital trading cards?
The digital trading cards are the counterpart to the world famous Panini trading cards. The blockchain technology, which allows a decentralized storage, is used to secure all data.
How many different categories and cards are there?
In total, there are 5 different categories of cards: ONBOARDING, COMMON, RARE, EPIC und LEGENDARY. The categories do not rate what is pictured on the cards, but specify the different rarities of the cards in each category.
FANZONE has different rarities for their NFTs, starting from COMMON, to RARE then EPIC and LEGENDARY. In the NFTs, the name „common“ does nor represent the moment or the player / his or her performance. It is used to identify the total number of mints offered for that specific NFT. FANZONE wants all their users to own an NFT, which is why the NFT should be ‚common‘ and available to everyone and is the reason why the mint quantities are higher for „COMMON“ NFTs.
ONBOARDING: 5 different selected cards that every user – registering in the FANZONE app as an MHP RIESEN fan – receives (Jonah Radebaugh, Yorman Polas Bartolo, Lukas Herzog, Tremmell Darden, John Patrick).
COMMON: Contains the complete MHP RIESEN squad, including coaches and staff (21 individual designs; at the moment without Ethan Happ!). Only 3.000 cards of each design available.
RARE: Contains the MHP RIESEN main roster (11 individual designs; at the moment without Ethan Happ!). Only 1.000 cards of each design available.
EPIC: Special cards of individual players / coaches in different „categories“ (7 individual designs). Only 500 cards of each design available.
LEGENDARY: Top category with the highest scarcity value (5 individual designs). Only 100 cards of each design available.
How can I get the cards?
Fans can download the FANZONE app from the Google Play or App Store and register directly through their browser at After signing up, users can navigate through the app and secure cards and packs of their favorite clubs and players.
What kind of packs can I buy?
There are a total of 4 different card packs available in which users can receive or buy trading cards: Starting 5 , #ihrundwir (#youandus), ALLES FÜR GELB (ALL FOR YELLOW) and the RIESEN (GIANT) pack.
Starting 5: Cards: 5 | Price: for free | Available Quantity: 25.000
ALLES FÜR GELB: Cards:  5 | Price: 3.99€ | Available Quantity: 8.200
#ihrundwir: Cards: 9 | Price: 14.99€ (guaranteed to contain a card from the RARE category) | Available Quantity: 3.000
RIESEN Pack: Cards: 11 | Price: 29.99€ (guaranteed to contain one card of the EPIC / two cards from the RARE category) | Available Quantity: 1.000
How can I access the cards?
The cards are available in the FANZONE mobile and web app and can also be bought and sold there. Thanks to blockchain technology, the cards will also be available independently off marketplaces and outside the platform and can be traded there once FANZONE operates on the mainnet (at the end of Q1 2022).
How much do the cards cost and what payment options do I have?
The web app currently only allows payment with cryptocurrencies. In the mobile app, purchases can also be made via payments in the Apple/Google Play store. The prices depend on the individual packs and the cards they contain and can be viewed in the shop.
Which sports/clubs also have trading cards so far?
A variety of sports can be found on FANZONE. The DFB (German soccer federation) is the first partner with the women’s, men’s and U21 national teams. All teams of the 3rd league can also be found on FANZONE. VfL Wolfsburg is also represented with two teams and SG Flensburg-Handewitt published the world’s first handball NFT’s. Team Germany has now launched their set(s) of cards for the 2022 winter olympics. Legends from various disciplines also released their NFT collections with FANZONE: Andi Brehme (soccer) and Oscar Schmidt (basketball) complete the current collections. More cards, sports and clubs are to be added in the future.
Do I also get „real-life“ cards to have at home?
The cards are stored digitally only and therefor not available as physical items. You can of course display the digital maps on a screen at home.
Can I lose or delete my cards?
No, thanks to blockchain technology, the cards are permanently stored there and cannot be deleted or lost.
Will the collection be updated or expanded in the future?
FANZONE is constantly working to multiply its partnerships and offer new things to the fans. This also includes updating and expanding existing collections – in short: Yes, updates and expansions are constantly taking place!
How long will are the cards available?
The cards will be permanently available. The blockchain technology allows for the cards to be stored for life so that they can be accessed at any time.
How do I trade my cards?
Cards cannot be exchanged directly for another card. Cards can be offered on their own, but also on decentralized marketplaces for payment in the FANZONE platform currency or crypto.
How can I sell my cards?
Tickets can be bought and sold on the platform’s own marketplace. A sale on another, independent marketplace will also be possible once FANZONE operates on the mainnet (end of Q1 2022).
How can I play with my cards online?
So far, only an online game for soccer cards is offered. Two users play against each other, with one choosing a goalkeeper and the other choosing a penalty kicker. Both then select the corner into which the shooter or the goalkeeper should jump. The rarer the goalkeeper, the more corners he can cover. Then you have to hit the ideal strength of the shot and its precision in a mini-game. FANZONE is already working on offering games for other sports in the future!
Am I able to sell my cards outside of the FANZONE app as well?
The blockchain technology makes it possible to also make a sale outside of the FANZONE app once listed on the mainnet. All cards exist independently in the marketplace on the blockchain. The goal of FANZONE is to be listed on a mainnet within Q1/2022, which will probably be „Polygon“. From this point on, you can also sell your existing NFTs on external marketplaces such as OpenSea.
How do the card giveaways and competitions work?
Ticket competitions are always announced via the FANZONE social channels. As a rule, interaction with the post is required for participation (like, comment, etc.). A correct answer to a quiz question can also be a condition of participation. A FANZONE account is required to receive the prize.

Technology & Terminology

What does Blockchain mean?
A blockchain is a technical solution for managing data in a distributed infrastructure without a central authority in a comprehensible and tamper-proof manner by consensus (in agreement). With blockchain technology, it is possible to verify transactions – for example in payment transactions with cryptocurrencies – in a trusting and transparent manner without a central authority. Since Blockchain/NFT technology generates significant energy consumption, FANZONE cooperates with LUKSO – an energy-efficient blockchain. Significantly less energy is used here than on others thanks to „Proof of Stake“.
What are NFT’s?
NFTs means „Non-Fungible Tokens“ (engl. Unique Asset). Blockchain technology enables the creation of limited, digital objects that cannot be copied or shared. These NFTs guarantee the authenticity, rarity and affiliation of these objects – a digital unicum, so to speak. Another advantage is that digital goods are available on the blockchain for life and are independent of apps and app stores. As a result, fans actually own their collections of rare trading cards and can benefit from possible increases in value.
How is it possible that these cards are available for life?
Thanks to blockchain technology, all information is stored decentrally in a network. If a device fails, the data is retained and never lost. If the data changes, for example due to a sale, the majority of network participants must agree in order to accept this change. This is then attached to the „chain“ as additional information.